In this video, you can review a sample Job Offer Letter, what information YES Program-specific, what information is specific to your Job Match, and how to ask clarifying questions about the information in this letter. This is page one of the YES Job Offer Packet.

This video walks through the second page of the job offer letter, which is called Instructions for Getting Hired, which reviews the steps for accepting your job, documents required to work, and instructions for attending your required Orientation and Payroll Session and Kickstart Training. This is page 2 of the YES Job Offer Packet.

The final page of the Job Offer Packet will be the Emergency Consent form/Statement of Support. This is mostly one for your parent/caregiver to sign, but here's a walkthrough of the document:

In addition to these three documents, you may have a few other delightful tidbits in your envelope! A little slip of paper with a list of any documents you still need to hand in, and if we still need one from you, a copy of the Tompkins Summer Youth Employment Program (TSYEP) form, which you can learn more about here