If you received a job offer from YES and do not intend to accept it, it’s important that you let the YES staff know as soon as possible. There are many teens on our waitlist, and your prompt communication allows us to offer the job you declined to someone else. 

How should I decline my YES summer job?

The best way to let us know that you are no longer able to or interested in working a summer job through YES is by giving us a call at 607-273-1849. We know that phone calls aren’t everyone’s favorite way of communicating, but we still prefer you to reach out this way if possible. If we have a few minutes to talk directly with you, we can ensure that you and the YES staff are on the same page. 

If I decline my job offer early on, will I get another offer?

If you're declining a job because you’re no longer able to work, your summer plans have changed, or because you’re not interested in YES anymore, this question likely doesn't apply to you. However, if you still want to work but just don’t think the job you were offered will be a good fit, you might be wondering if you can get a second job offer from YES. 

Every individual scenario is different. We cannot guarantee that teens who decline an offer will be re-matched to another worksite. Again, there is already a waitlist for the YES summer jobs program, so if you decline your initial offer you may be put on that list.

There are many factors that go into job matching, including your availability and the worksite’s schedule, how many teen workers a given site can take, your transportation options, and specific requirements (like a minimum age or special skill) worksites might have. If the job offer you received isn’t for one of your top job choices, it’s likely that some of those factors just didn’t match up between you and the worksite. 

Please do reach out to YES if you have concerns about your job offer, though. We’re happy to explain our rationale for matching you to the worksite we did, and depending on your specific situation we may be able to re-match you. However, again there is no guarantee.