Worksite Partners

Are you one of our wonderful worksite partners? This section is for you!

Who is the teen supposed to contact if they are going to be absent?

Your YES teen should contact their direct supervisor and their YES representative as well. 

Does YES provide transportation to get teens to and from work?

No we do not provide transportation. We do help our teens figure out their best way to get to their job site.

Can teens volunteer at my business during the hours they are not on the clock with YES?

NYS labor law prohibits volunteering at place of work, unless duties are significantly different. They  can volunteer once they're not on the YES payroll.

Do I need to write a comment in every box on the evaluations?

Yes, we use these evaluations to help teens in future job placements to provide references for them. We also use this as an accountability tool to show quantitative results to our funders and community stakeholders.

How do teens get paid?

Teens will be paid through the City of Ithaca, they are all considered seasonal employees. 

How often do teens get paid?

Teens are paid weekly.

Am I responsible for teens if they get injured at my place of business?

No, workers compensation will be provided through the City of Ithaca if needed.

Does YES provide transportation to get teens to and from work?

We do not provide transportation for any teens, we do have limited resources available if needed.

How long are YES Rep check ins and how often will they be on site?

A weekly check in that will be 10-20 minutes. If it is a week of an evaluation it may go a bit longer. 

When are the timesheets due?

By 5 pm every Wednesday, if you need more information please refer to guide of timesheets (pg.6) 

Who do I contact if I am having issues or difficulties with a teen?

You will contact your YES representative first and if you're feeling like you need more assistance you can contact the YES Program coordinator.  

How many total hours does the teen get to work with the YES program?

Most our job experiences offer up to 120 hours. Extra hours may be available if funding allows. 

Is it okay to excuse teens from part of their shifts to attend the YES summer workshops?

Yes, at the discretion of their supervisor.

Speaking with Teens about your Worksite Partnership

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