Take a look at these important dates to get a better sense of the YES summer timeline. 

March 14: Summer Kick-off 

Our summer application launches on March 14. We’ll also begin scheduling interviews for applicants on this date. As an applicant, you are responsible for scheduling your own YES interview! You can do so by following the directions provided on the online application or by calling the YES office at (607) 273-1849. 

Please note that space in our program is limited by funding, and you may be placed on a waitlist even if you apply before the application deadline. Apply as early as you can! 

May 26: Summer Deadline

May 26th is the deadline for summer applications. Applications received after the deadline are likely to be referred to other organizations or be placed on our summer waitlist.

May 16-June 6: Job Offer Letters

The YES team works hard to match teens with the best worksites for them. If you’re offered a summer job with YES, you’ll receive a job offer letter at some point between May 16 and June 6. 

Please note that you must submit an application, complete an interview, and provide some necessary documents in order to be offered a job. We will match teens in the order we receive documents from them. If you receive a job offer letter, you must call the YES office in order to accept or decline the offer. 

June 7-July 1: Mandatory YES Orientation and Kickstart Trainings 

YES will offer various orientation and training dates within this timeframe. Every YES worker must attend a mandatory YES Orientation and Kickstarter training (these are two separate events). In these sessions, you’ll learn about important work-related policies, get on payroll, and more!

The dates of your Orientation session and Kickstarter training will be assigned on your job offer letter; if you’re unable to make those dates, please call the YES office at (607) 273-1849  to reschedule.

June 27-July 11: Summer Jobs Begin

Most YES summer jobs will begin within the first two weeks of July. Once you’ve been offered a job, contact your supervisor to confirm your specific start date. 

August 12-26: Summer Jobs End

Most YES summer jobs last for around six weeks and will wrap up within the first two weeks of August. Confirm end dates with your supervisor once you’ve accepted your job. 

If you have scheduling conflicts that YES should know about, please contact us at (607) 273-1849 or yes@yesithaca.org as soon as possible. Also, don’t hesitate to reach if you have questions about the program timeline, your application, or anything else!